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Teraproject is active in technical engineering fields such as mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, chemical engineering, materials engineering and metallurgy. We have adroit experts to advice and help you to choose a proper thesis subject, advicing and helping you to do collegiate projects such as seminar, proposal, conference and ISI article, advicing about doing thesis also helping you to do thesis and classroom practices. One of the biggest collegians’ problem is doing simulating projects with simulator and programming applications like Matlab. actually the viability of applications are to reconstructing and verifying articles. Teraproject group is so interested to do this projects.

Why teraproject

Teraproject researching institution started to work since 2011 about mechanical engineering informally and after 2 years because of many attempts of persons who were graduated from our country valid universities we were successful to obtain licenses from reliable institutes and registered our institution in 2013 then we expanded our activity about technical engineering fields formally. Initiative, creativity, innovation are our specially features so our varieties and differences about giving services can provide collegians’ requirement and favorites. This institution includes an experts and veteran group so we predict a great future for our institution. Our activities advicing and doing projects from beginning were all based on IRI present rules and our honor is our energetic and widespread presence to give services to collegians with whole problems in this way.

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